Anybody who spends over 20 years within one industry will often see a lot of change during that period, some perhaps for the better and maybe some for the worst, as businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the latest business strategy in order to keep up with fierce competition. It’s no different with the Petrol Service Station Industry either as our very own Sale’s Director, Joe Brough, reflects on the significant journey that service stations have taken in order to not only battle giant supermarket prices, but to offer customers a lot more than just a place to fill up your vehicle.

Reflecting on change, Joe describes at length just how far service stations have developed since the days of selling basics such as pints of milk, the odd chocolate bar and a small selection of drinks. He recognises the impact that supermarkets have, such as being able to undercut the smaller independent retailer, meaning smaller companies have to look at alternative ways to compete with the big chains.

Offering his thoughts on how service stations are able to stay relevant, Joe discusses a variety of business strategies including personal customer service and forming established partnerships with food retailers to not only rebrand their stores, incorporate drive-through Starbucks and In-Store Subways and being able to provide both food and drink promotional offers that can be tied in with money-off vouchers for petrol and food supplies.

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